Why was New Zealand successful in passing gun legislation?

In similar tragedies, the US hasn’t been able to do so.  Even New Zealand couldn’t in previous attempts. What is the difference?

In all the news coverage, no one seems to have a clear explanation.  I believe that is because the reason is invisible to most people.  The reason that the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was able to succeed in banning assault rifles is that she could speak to the entire nation in terms that they understood, whether they were conservative or liberal.  She did this when she used the words: “They are us.”

What makes that phrase so brilliant?  She was able to step outside of her own viewpoint and use language that spoke to others. But because our own set of ethical viewpoints is invisible to us, we don’t recognize it when it is done.

When done well this is called reframing, which is useful in both politics and marketing.  For details of what Reframing is and how to do it, see my book Marketing Landmines:  The Next Generation of Emotional Branding on Amazon.  And follow my blog at http://www.ethicalframes.com.


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